Principles of sustainable tourism

Sustainable development is an activity that meets the needs of current society without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs. Hotel Guossi is currently involved in an EU funding project

Hotel Guossi’s goal is to secure good living opportunities for current and future generations. We operate in such a way that future generations can look their fellow humans straight in the eye. Ethical operations regard everyone as equal, and we do not accept discrimination or exploitation. We will tell you which services we can organize in a barrier-free manner. As a cooperation partner, we are fair, and we stick to the schedules. Our operations are responsible and safe, respecting the nature and culture around us. For us, environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations, such as avoiding single-use products. When we have to use them, we choose the biodegradable alternative. We are committed to saving natural resources in other ways, for example our electricity is green electricity produced with renewable natural resources. When making purchases, we choose products with the longest possible lifespan. We make agreements about the use of areas with landowners, such as Metsähallius. We do not distort competition by undercutting.