The Best of the Northernmost Lapland

Arctic resort, Karigasniemi

Guossi resort offers authentic accommodation, savory meals made from fresh ingredients, and activities in the purest nature in the world. From Karigasniemi you will find the legendary salmon rivers, the magnificent fell highlands of Utsjoki, and peace in the wild wilderness.

Cabin in the Arctic Nature

Would you like to experience peace in the wild? In that case we’d recommend you to visit our cabin in the fells, which is located in the middle of the arctic nature. There’s also a grilling place in the fells.


Guossi – Resort in the Wilderness of Experiences

Guossi resort is keen to make your stay an experience of a lifetime. Fill your plate with delicacies at our restaurant and enjoy the unique atmosphere in Hansabar. In addition to accommodation we offer unforgettable activities in the beautiful arctic nature.


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